Association Services

Sage PMI Corp. can provide your community with: 

• Accounting Services 
• Accounting & Administrative Services 
• Accounting, Administrative and Architectural Services 
• Complete Community Management Services 
• Developer Transitions 

We at SPMI look forward to being apart of your communities success as you plan the preservation of your members investment.  Please view our list of services and let us know how we can tailor our service to meet your needs.

Accounting Services

• Collection of Association Assessments 
• Payment of Association Obligations 
• Delinquency Collections (as described by governing documents and Board of Directors policies) 
• Monthly Financial Reports 
   o Balance Sheet 
   o Income/Expense Statement 
   o Cash Disbursement Report 
   o Variance Reports 
   o Monthly Delinquency Report 
• Annual budget review, preparation and tracking, including replacement reserves 
• Administer and monitor community investments in accordance with established Board policies 
• Administer lock box and direct debit services 
• Approve and process accounts payable on a weekly basis in accordance with Board of Directors' policy. 
• Establish and maintain operations checking and reserve bank accounts 
• Assist community CPA in their performance of the annual audit and preparation of tax forms. 
• Assist community Attorney with community legal matters 
• Process payroll and assist in administering personnel benefits. 

Administrative Services

• Organize and attend the annual owners' meeting. 
• Establish and publish resolutions pertaining to the association's rules and regulations. 
• Process enforcement of community rules and regulations in accordance with the Board of Directors policy 
• Contract administration 
• Insurance administration 
• Establish and maintain files for all legal documents, insurance policies, owners' listings, correspondence, contracts, rules and regulations, community blueprints and drawings. 
• Distribute management report to the Board of Directors on monthly basis 
• Assist owners with resolving issues pertaining to the associations common areas and elements 
• Maintain inventory of all property owned by the association. 
• 24-hour emergency service 

Architectural Services

• Provide covenant/advisory/compliance guidelines to association homeowners. 
• Supply and process architectural applications in accordance to Board of Directors policy 
• Notify homeowner of the Board's final decision or requirement for added information 
• Ensure compliance with approved plan/provisions. 
• Maintain historical database of all applications. 
• Identify and notify homeowner owners of covenant violations or maintenance deficiencies. 
• Conduct follow-up inspections to determine homeowner compliance. 

Complete Community Management Services

Our complete community management services include all services listed under accounting, administrative and architectural services as well as: 

• Meet with the community Board of Directors on a regular basis per the Board's meeting schedule • Advise and counsel the board on matters of insurance, auditing and legal services 
• 24-hour emergency service for community residents 
• Financial management 
• Administrative management 
• On-site staff management (as necessary) 
• Enforcement of covenants & by-laws 
• Bi-Annual architectural inspections 
• Conduct routine inspections of common elements and common grounds, to include driving/parking surfaces, sidewalks, trees, and shrubbery. 
• Advise the board on matters of property maintenance and repair 
• Coordinate community reserve studies 

Developer Transitions

Sage PMI Corp. offers specialized services for developers and builders that need an organization to help make life easy by allowing them to do what you do best…building and selling homes. 

• HOA document review 
• Budget Development 
• Prepare property unit owner listing 
• Interim property management 
• Resident Orientation 
• Board of Directors Training 
• Committee Training


Multifamily Communities


Sage PMI is a full service property management organization with in-house support capabilities to ensure that our property management staff is provided with the tools they need to operate their properties effectively and to the ensure that our client investors receive prompt attention.


• Staff hiring and Supervision
• Provide Training and Cirriculum
• Provide Community Financial and Projections 
• Prepare Community Marketing Plan
• Utility Management

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